Pleasure Pods Plant Based Lube

Pleasure Pods

Pleasure Pods Plant Based Lube

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INNOVATIVE BODY HEAT ACTIVATION - Unlike any other, PLEASURE PODS® are the first and only solid that’s activated by body heat and melts into a silky-smooth liquid lube with a consistent, long-lasting glide that’s not possible with a water-based, silicone, hybrid, or oil lube, or with coconut oil.

NO CHEMICALS, PARABEN, GLYCERIN, GLUTEN, WAX, ADDITIVES, OR PRESERVATIVES are used in making PLEASURE PODS® ensuring a safe, natural, worry-free experience.

AWARDS AND RECOGNITION Canadian Health Food Association (chfa) WINNER - Best New Product for 2023!

HOW do PLEASURE PODS COMPARE to a BOTTLE OF LUBE? Pleasure enthusiasts report 2 pods being equivalent to a 4 oz bottle of water-based lube, with sessions per pod being partner 2-4, solo 8+, toy 8+, and massage 2+

IDEAL FOR PARTNER, SOLO, TOY, AND WATER PLAY - They’re also fabulous for massage and insertable vaginally or anally. Safe with all toy materials. Pods are unscented with a subtle chocolate aroma, food-grade, edible, and unflavoured with no taste for added enjoyment.

PLEASURE PODS® CONTAIN NO WATER - Meaning there’s no possibility of the growth of bacteria, mold, or yeast, meaning no yeast infections, or UTIs. Pods don’t interact with water, so they're great for water-play, and they won’t affect your body’s natural pH or osmolality balance meaning no stickiness, itching, or burning.

NO MESS, NO STAINS, EASY TO CLEAN - PLEASURE PODS® don’t run like a liquid and deliver a powerful concentration of lubrication where you put it. Toys can be cleaned with soap and hot water and if you do get some on the sheets, you’ll find the use of a pre-wash spray and washing in hot water does the trick.

PLEASURE PODS® are the revolutionary new solid that melts in your hands and on your body, providing you with enhanced pleasure and an overall improved experience to using liquid lube.

SKINCARE FOR SENSITIVE AREAS - PLEASURE PODS® not only enhance pleasure, but they’re also healing, hydrating, moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. Pamper your most sensitive areas, before, during, and after.

EACH INGREDIENT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY TESTED and chosen for its lubricating and nourishing qualities. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, and Vitamins A, B6, C, D2, E, and K, they leave your skin looking and feeling fabulous.

SAFE FOR ALL AGES, GENDERS, AND ACTIVITIES - Discover a new world of pleasure, comfort, and safety with PLEASURE PODS® and elevate your pleasure experiences to new heights.

A SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH - We spent 2 years working with plant formulators to select, test, and source the highest quality ingredients. Then we assembled a team of 5 plant and food scientists specializing in mango, cocoa, and kokum butters, natural cosmetics, and plant fats. After hundreds of attempts, we finally figured out how to get the butters to set without using wax or additives, to melt at body temperature, and to provide you with the ultimate luxury in personal lubrication.

REDUCE PLASTIC USE BY OVER 98% COMPARED TO LIQUID LUBES - Designed for ease and convenience, PLEASURE PODS® come in a discrete, non-toxic, 100% recyclable packaging, with tins available for storage and travel. Using just 0.1g of plastic per pod, compared 26.5g of plastic for a 4oz/118ml of water-based lube, there’s no other lube available that’s as sustainably produced and environmentally responsible. Not even close! (based on the average amount of plastic used by the 10 best-selling brands in Canada with 2 pods being equivalent to a 4oz/118ml bottle)

Not compatible with condoms