OXBALLS USA Finger-Fuck Penetration Toy
OXBALLS USA Finger-Fuck Penetration Toy


OXBALLS USA Finger-Fuck Penetration Toy

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FINGER FUCK is a whole new way to play... a soft rubbery glove designed to transform your hand into the ultimate hole-explorer and JO toy.

Each digit is tipped with a different shape and texture for a new sensation with each finger you use.

FINGER FUCK works on either hand, on any hole, for jacking, and even fisting.

FINGER FUCK is made from our signature flexTPR™ so it fits a range of sizes, it's designed to last and reinforced at all stretch points. The rubbery soft material melds to your hand like a blubbery second skin. 

Available in several colors to choose from, the sleek shiny black looks nasty hot glistening with lube and disappearing up a hungry hole.

Made of our softest, rubbery, incredibly stretchy flexTPR™—the right smooth stretch that doesn’t pinch. Phthalate free and no scent. LUBE SAFE:  Water-based lube, hybrid or silicone lube recommended. Oil-base lubes not recommended. CARE:  Wash after use in warm soapy water, air dry.  Store toys separately:  we recommend storing in breathable cloth pouches or for larger toys, in cotton socks.