Crown Shaving Co - Farzad's Tobacco Shave Cream

Crown Shaving Co

Crown Shaving Co - Farzad's Tobacco Shave Cream

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This shave cream’s inspired by Vancouver-based barber and friend, Farzad Salehi, a master when it comes to straight razor shaves. It’s made with the same natural ingredients we put in our own recipe (like your skin’s favourite, Shea butter), only it boasts a rich tobacco scent, Farzad’s signature twist on a men’s grooming classic.

How To Use It: If you’re using your fingers, just get in there, rub a few rounds onto your face, then go to work. If you’re using a brush, apply the product in a circular motion like it’s Karate Kid and your face is the car window.

Tip: Cover half your face with the cream, then shave. Then, do the same with the other half. If you do this, the half that would’ve otherwise had to wait won’t dry out, and you won’t waste any cream.