Grooming - Crown Shaving Co - Double Sided Beard Comb

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Grooming - Crown Shaving Co - Double Sided Beard Comb

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You’re looking at our custom-made, double-sided beard comb, complete with a handmade, leather pocket sleeve for easy storage (and showing off).

Remember — the wide teeth help with combing and detangling longer hair, while the fine teeth are best for combing and cleaning shorter hair.

How To Use It: Once you’ve worked some product into your beard with your hands, gently comb it through the thing from end to root with the comb’s wider teeth.

The Difference Between Our Beard Comb And Our Beard Brush: It’s best to use a beard comb to detangle a beard of good length before styling it with product. Just know the fine-toothed side’s for getting out debris and dead skin, while the other one’s for styling and distributing product.

And don’t comb it more than a couple times a day, or you’re asking for split ends.