Calexotics Precision Pump Advanced


Calexotics Precision Pump Advanced

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This professional grade vacuum pump is the next step up and offers a 9.5 inch by 3.25 inch cylinder to accommodate any size and help you reach your maximum potential.

The seamless and clear vacuum cylinder features universal incremental measurements to help you keep track of your progress during each session. As you pump, increasing pressure can allow you to to expand to new heights of enhanced pleasure.

A professional vacuum pressure gauge lets you easily keep track of how much pressure you’re applying. The tapered, removable silicone donut creates a secure fit and superior feeling of comfort. The flanged cylinder base allows for an optimum seal that maximizes size potential.

The pump also offers a flexible, non-crimping air hose that allows for easy pumping in any position. The air hose even detaches without breaking suction!

You’ll love the feeling of enhanced pleasure from the silky-soft, tapered donut. You and your lover will both love the sense of increased size that ensues with a committed pumping routine!